Valentine carol ann duffy essay

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Valentine carol ann duffy essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Throughout the poem the poetess compares love to an onion and she does that by using a variety of techniques such as imagery, symbolism, word choice and structure.

Overall, the poem is unusual as its title mistakenly leads the reader into thinking that the poem will be typical. Carol Ann Duffy gives a controversial outlook on love and from the very start, it is made clear that the poem is centred around its main key symbol: The poet makes some other key suggestions on how love makes one feel.

Carol Ann Duffy conveys that love is not simple nor always pleasant.

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Onions provoke tears while love is meant to bring happiness and joy. Therefore, the main symbol makes this love-poem an unusual one: The poet refers to crying over somebody loved, like you would over an onion. This comparison makes the poem an unusual one, because when dealing with love we want to believe that it is perfect.

My opinion is that lovers do not want to think of sadness or problems as often they are scared to face reality and the mortality of their relationship.

Unusual to express insecurity. The poem has a unique free verse structure and lacks a fixed pattern. This reflects how love is unpredictable. The poetess was confident in applying stand alone sentences that had a lot of meaning to themselves.

Valentine carol ann duffy essay

Carol Ann Duffy also used repetition of negative sentences to express her objection to outdated valentine-gifts: Common valentine-gifts such as these ones lack inner-meaning and by bringing them up, the poem proves to be an unusual one because it is not ideal. I consider an onion as the most down-to-earth reminder of how love really is and how its viewed differently in its different stages.

Also, the grimace is reflected in the tears. This poem is therefore unusual, as tears, grief and loss are things one would not want to read about in a love-poem. According to me, love should be the exact opposite of how the poetess views it, but I think she must have been through a negative experience.

Carol Ann Duffy used negative words to achieve deliberation in the reader: This love-poem is an extraordinary one because the poet considers love to be deadly and fatal. Love gives no warning that its coming:Carol Ann Duffy is one of Britain’s most famous poets.

She was born in Glasgow and raised in England from the age of seven, where, even from a young age. At The Border Even Tho Kissing Lines to my Grandfathers My Last Duchess Nettles One Flesh Pity me not because of the light Song for last year's wife The Habit of Light Our love now Sonnet Rubbish at adultery Relationships essay questions Relationships comparison grid.

Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy is an irregular poem with a direct tone. The language is very simple and gets straight to the point. The title suggests love as Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love on the 14th of February ‘Not a red rose or a satin heart, I give you an onion’, The reader is immediately taken back by the randomness and obscurity of this Valentine’s Day gift.

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Analysis of Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy