The moment before the gun went off

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The moment before the gun went off

Now with a free link to the declassified file at Small Arms of the World. This introduces the series, and the ugly duckling of the competition, a bizarre M16A1 variant with quick-change barrel, but still magazine-fed.

Published 28 Oct The Rodman Labs XM was a radical reconception of the light machine gun which was designed to increase accuracy and reduce unintended dispersion on target. We mention in passing its abandoned XM and competitors, all chambered for a 6. Published 31 Oct Published 2 Nov Published 4 Nov Published 9 Nov Published 23 Nov But we have looked into a couple of the technical and programmatic milestones in some depth, and will be adding those articles in this section in due course.

No one would ever design a new military bolt action again. Published 9 May A short history of toggle locking. Borchardt, Luger, Maxim, and Browning. Published 13 Sep Some we missed, and why toggles?

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Published 1 Oct Flash Hiders and Accuracy. We explain some of the reasons, and some of the engineering that went into making it that way. How Accurate was a. We look at some information the USAAF gathered, and note with some surprise how sustained automatic fire permanently degraded accuracy, even without measurably changing barrel dimensions.

A Taxonomy of Safeties. We examine the many different ways of safetying a service weapon over the 19thst centuries.

The moment before the gun went off

Published 23 Jan Why you might want to do this; some examples; where to get some help. Published 3 Apr Fagstoff: The Moment Before the Gun Went Off is a short story set in South Africa in the years preceding the fall of apartheid. The short story is written by Nadine Gordimer.

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Read the story and study the tasks. You may also listen to a reading of the short story. The Moment Before the Gun Went Off by Nadine Gordimer Jismep Medina Honors English II ms.B Period: 3 4/1/14 Location: South Africa Setting of the story: Marais Van der Vyver A farmer Quiet man but smart, also deals with intimacy issues.

Relationships: Alida Van der Vyver is Marais' wife who cares about gardening and having a high social status. An essay on Nadine Mortimer's "The Moment Before The Gun Went Off".

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I'd like to start by saying something about the writer Nadine Mortimer. She has a strong belief in the objectivity of the writer. “The Moment Before the Gun Went Off” by Nadine Gordimer tells the story of Marais Van der Vyver, who has accidentally shot one of his farm boys while they were together on .

The South African policy of apartheid, of separating whites, blacks and coloured, gradually came to an end in the early s and Nelson Mandela became the first president in .

The moment before the gun went off

“The moment before the gun went off was a moment of high excitement shared between the black man outside and the white farmer inside the vehicle.” (, par 10)-- This suggests the unusual harmonious relationship between the white master and his black farm labourer.

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