Technology devlopments over time essay

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Technology devlopments over time essay

Photo courtesy of roney This is a guest post written by Eric Higgins. Data has never been transferred faster and communication has thus never been more sophisticated than it is right now.

From Morse code and telegraphs to telephones and radios, we now moved on to televisions, computers and cell phones. Rotary phones and dial up communication has been transformed to portable phones.

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From there they moved on to satellite communication cellular phones. Hand written symbols, numbers and letters went from being carried to being digitally transferred.

We no longer have to wait for days to receive information as most of our data messages can be transferred in a matter of seconds over high speed broadband internet connections with computers that boast Gigabytes of Ram and Gigahertz of processor speed.

The technology that can host phone calls, transfer data, and hosts television broadcasts gets my vote. Granted, cell phones can transfer data text messaging, email, web-browsing, etcand they obviously allow you to make phone calls. Some of them do stream live video Technology devlopments over time essay.

They are highly mobile too! I, however, want something that is better equipped for the challenge. Cell phones cannot process information as fast as a computer can send out emails or internet surf. They cannot produce the visual stimulation that a TV is capable of.

For practical purposes, my TV is on my wall, in my living room. Two problems with this are that I would not be able to pick my TV up and move to another room to make a phone call if I wanted privacy and if you have people over watching a game I doubt they would want you to interrupt the game to take a call.

Process of elimination leaves the computer as the last tech standing. Computers are highly capable of data transfer. They can host live video broadcasts with exceptional quality.

Oh wait, they already can! In addition, the development of ridiculously great laptops has pretty much made phone calling through your computer as mobile as your cell phone; sort of.

An explanation is coming up soon. Second, you can actually still use an old phone you have lying around your house to make an internet phone call with the help of a VoIP adapter that hooks up to a broadband connection. It has all sorts of special features right on the user interface so that you can easily answer and transfer calls multiple phone calls.

Picking the option that best suits you depends on what your intended use is. The Need for Networks The main component of all of these options, the backbone as so to speak, is the network.

Without the network that connects all of us to one another, none of this is possible. Therefore, development of a network that is sophisticated enough to meet the demands of modern communication is a necessity.

In addition, having all of the necessary networking products to stay connected to it is vital. After all that is said and done, I feel as though VoIP is a great leap in the communications technology field. Combined with the mobility of a laptop and you basically have the recipe for a mobile communications powerhouse.

Network Shortcomings Right now wireless hotspots are limited. For this combination to really develop, wireless networking must develop. Until your laptop can get connected to the network and stay connected no matter where you go and what you do, you will not always have access to phone calls or your data transfer and television communication options.

While you can usually wait to tune in to your favorite TV station or send out an email, you cannot always wait to make or receive an emergency phone call. Therefore, in most cases, VoIP and a laptop will always rank second to a cell phone for speech communication purposes.

Conclusion When that wireless network expands and can guarantee connectivity in more places I feel VoIP makes a name for itself in our society. After all, if you have a laptop already capable of high speed data transfer that can now allow you to make phone calls and watch TV; you probably will spend a lot less paying for all three services individually.

This article was written by Eric Higgins for CXtec. CXtec offers over 40, networking products. Some items include network adapters, networking cablesand VoIP communications technology such as adapters, gateways and new and used phones.

Technology devlopments over time essay

The Geek Stuff welcomes your tips and guest articles.Media History Timeline (compiled by Prof. Jim McPherson, Whitworth College, ) B.C. – Sumerian stamp seals censorship, technology. – D.W. Griffith releases Birth of a Nation, first full-length film to significantly impact culture.

Academy Awards given for the first time. The Interagency Working Group on Nanotechnology (IWGN) was formed under the National Science and Technology Council to investigate the state of the art in nanoscale science and technology and to forecast possible future developments.

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According your sample essay, I recognize that the structure of the essay organized in 2 parts; the first part is answer the question "new technology achievements affect in what ways", the second part is answer the question "they make positive or negative".

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