Student friendly app writing companies

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Student friendly app writing companies

Projector Learning objectives Students will be able to correctly format and punctuate a letter to someone about a book they have read.

The adjustment to the whole group lesson is a modification to differentiate for children who are English learners. EL adjustments Introduction 10 student friendly app writing companies Ask students: Think about the independent book you are reading right now.

Raise your hand if you are reading a fantasy book. Continue to list genres. Tell students that you want to learn more about the books they are reading and how they are responding to those books. Tell students that reader response letters are a way that teachers and students can communicate about the books they are reading.

Tell them they are going to learn how to write this kind of a letter. Provide student friendly definitions in English or in L1 of the various literary genres. Provide examples images or real books of the various types of genres.

Have students share their response regarding what type of book they are currently reading with a partner. They may use the following sentence frame: Explain that reading response letters are very similar to friendly letters but they include specific content related to the book they are reading.

Go over the format as outlined on the sheet. After each section, generate some ideas for each list provided. This will serve as a resource when students write their letters. Have students work in partnerships or small groups to generate the list of greetings and elements of a summary together.

Read the letter together. Have students revisit the letter and complete the tasks listed, identifying the parts of the letter with markers as outlined on the sheet.

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Reduce the linguistic load of the letter by simplying the text using www. Have students work in effective partnerships with other ELs or sympathetic non-ELs to identify the distinct sections of the letter. Have students repeat the directions to demonstate understanding of the task.

Provide a sample letter in L1, if applicable, for students to identify each part of the letter. Explain that students will now begin to plan and write their own letter. Go over the graphic organizer and checklist and demonstrate how to use them.

Instruct students to write their own reading response letter to you about the book they are reading. Collect letters and respond to them with a short paragraph per student.

Model to a small group of students how to complete the planning graphic organizer for a well known book. Provide a paragraph frame for students to use as they write their reading response letters.

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Pair up students who work well together and have them complete the graphic organizer planning and the checklist on a book they have both read. Provide more examples of reading response letters to students. Identify the parts of the letter in the interactive activity together.

Demonstrate writing a reader response letter by doing a shared writing experience with the class, crafting it together using a book you have read aloud to the class as the text.

Have students include two thinking paragraphs in their letters. Assessment 5 minutes Use the checklist to ensure that students have included all of the parts to their letter, including proper letter formatting and punctuation in the opening and closing. This assessment will mostly take place outside of the lesson.

Review and closing 5 minutes Have a few students volunteer to share their letters with the class. Review the letters using the checklist. Focus mostly on the thinking paragraph.Mar 16,  · Student friendly APP grids.

student friendly app writing companies

Discussion in 'English' started by msv, Aug 20, msv New commenter. Hello all, does anyone happen to have any student friendly APP grids?

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