Research papers effects of tv on children

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Research papers effects of tv on children

The collection of free sample research projects and research project examples on any topics, disciplines. In general, it depends on their attention, the method with the help of which they process information, their interest to information, and, of course, their own experiences of life.

Television, films and advertising significantly effect on our society and, particularly, on the children. The amount of impact is caused by different aspects such as how much children watch TV and alone or with adults, as well as whether their parents discuss what they see on TV with kids.

Television can render both positive and negative influence on children. Thus, the task of this paper is to examine the negative effects of television on our children.

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Free Research Projects: Research Paper on Television and Children

The negative impact of TV on children The TV has a huge influence on how children perceive the world. The children spend more time watching TV than they spend hours in their school.

It is known that television have positive and negative sides. A positive side of TV viewing is the possibility to see and study various cultures and lifestyles.

Today children go to school more informed than children before the occurrence of television. Besides, TV is well-known way for entertainment. Television Violence It is well-known that watching violent television programs and a rise in violent behaviors by children are significantly related to each other Johnson, Cohen, Smailes, Kasen and Brook Television includes many violence acts not only in adult crime films, but in slapstick comedies, in cartoons and in the nightly news as well.

Many studies showed that television violence makes the children more aggressive and cruel, less sensitive and more frightened of the world around them.

Watching of violence reduces sensitivity of children to real actions of violence. Other studies connect television or newspaper publicity of suicides to a high risk of suicide at children Gould, Shaffer and Kleinman Sexual Stereotype Watching some programs may promote irresponsible sexual behavior at children Stasburger Such films, programs and shows promote young people to have sexual relations earlier.

Such sexual behavior becomes as a norm for many younger kids, though some of them may be a little bit physically and mentally traumatized by too early sexual problems. Research states that children who spend more time at TV tend to think that men and women have specific roles in our society Kent and Moy 2.

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It is evident that television usually shows women as obedient and weak in comparison with men who are usually depicted as rigid and dominating Steinberg and Kincheloe. It may provide kids with a full understanding of what they are expected in the future. Influence on Self-Image Influence on self-image, specifically of teens, is well-documented and crucial.

The main negative consequences caused by television over the last decade in regard of self-image are depression, eating disorders, and high increases in bulimia, anorexia and self-mutilation.

Rudeness and Vulgarity Today it is observed that extremely rude and vulgar television programs normalize high aggressiveness, lack of consideration of others, lack of courtesy and respect and public vulgarity. All such behavior undoubtedly influences the behavior of children in our society.

Effects on healthy child development Increased television watching of any kind has evident physiological and psychological negative effects on children. Some studies indicate that even benign television content reduces creativity and imagination of children, their physical activity, and increases obesity, or fatness.

In addition, it leads to lower grades in school, reduced ability to handle conflict and stress, and aggressive behavior in relation with peers. By the way, childhood obesity can be extremely encouraged by strong junk food advertising to young kids on TV. Late-night TV causes daytime sleepiness Late-night TV watching and violent shows have been associated with sleep problems in children.

Research papers effects of tv on children

The emotional stress resulted from night shows prevent children from dream and may lead to nightmares. Learning performance It is very important to know that excessive television watching may have a harmful influence on learning and academic performance of children Strasburger Especially it is evident if the time of TV watching displaces healthy mental and physical activities.

Besides, the time of TV watching significantly decreases communication with family and peers James. Influence of advertising manipulation, or commercialization It is worth to take into account the influence of commercialism.This paper will attempt to describe different research projects that demonstrate the effects of television on children.

Television affects children in many ways. When one thinks about the effects of television on children, the first thing that comes to mind is the violence that is freely shown on many channels. University of Pennsylvania ScholarlyCommons Departmental Papers (ASC) Annenberg School for Communication The Effects of Television on Children: What the.

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The Negative and Positive Effects of Television on Children and Adolescents/5(1). Research Paper- Negative Effects on Children by Watching Tv TV & Children: Television, March 13th The Negative Effects of Divorce on Children In today's society, there are an increasing number of social ills and stigmas that follow the family unit.

Research papers effects of tv on children

One of the most prevailing detriments to the family structure is that of parental. Effects of Tv Watching on a Child's Development Effects of TV Watching on a Child's Development Introduction A child sitting on a couch with a remote in front of a television set could watch anything from cartoons to programs with murders and sexual content that is not suitable for young minds.

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The Debilitating Effects of TV on Children