Queen victoria essay

Print this page 'Horribly naughty' In the spring ofthe Duke and Duchess of Kent hurried from their rented accommodation in Amorbach, Bavaria, to return to the Duke's native land, 'in order,' he wrote, 'to render the Child [my wife] bears, virtually as well as legally English. Just after her baptism, however, the debt-ridden Kents moved from London to Devonshire, where they found it easier to live cheaply. The death of the Duke of Kent less than a year later brought the infant Victoria, her mother, and her half-sister Feodora, back to Kensington Palace, where they lived a quiet life away from the bustle and intrigues of court life. Queen Victoria would describe her childhood as particularly dreary

Queen victoria essay

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In Queen victoria essay, she ascended to the throne and became Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. She was only 18 at this time, and the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, served as her educator in political decision-making.

However, Victoria soon displayed her iron will, which allowed her to effectively rule by her own power. They happily raised nine children, who were to become important figures in the major monarchial states of the 20th Century.

Still, the Queen's loss of the Prince Consort in December of drove her into prolonged mourning and depression. Her policy-making seemed to change substantially from the time prior to Albert's death.

However, this prolonged mourning kept her occupied for the rest of her life and played an important role in the evolution of what would become the Victorian mentality. Eventually Victoria became one of Great Britain's most popular and prominent monarchs. She was named Empress of India inwhich was an event that showed the interest of the Queen and Great Britain in world colonization, throughout the 19th Century.

Queen victoria essay

Victoria's long reign witnessed an evolution in English politics and the expansion of the British Empire, as well as political and social reform on the continent.

Queen Victoria died of natural causes in January of Annotated Bibliography Adams, Charles Francis.

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Studies Military and Diplomatic: This book contains a lengthy chapter dealing with Queen Victoria's actions towards the American Civil War. The author notes that the Queen was terribly sullen and uninterested in the concerns of foreign affairs, since her husband died in Decemberand the key years of the American Civil War occurred during this time of her mourning.

Basically, the author mentions that the Queen was kept from most discussions concerning this matter, since her sanity was unstable at the time. Therefore, accounts are given of the ways that the Queen's officers handled Great Britain's policy towards the United States during this time.

Some Political Ideas and Persons. This book contains a rather lengthy chapter dealing with the life and times of Queen Victoria. Although the author notes that the Queen was not personally responsible for the societal changes occurring during her rein, he does imply that Victoria made a significant impact upon everyday life throughout the Victorian Era.

Furthermore, the author uses her two most prominent roles as, as Queen and as a woman, in order to show how each played upon the other to create one of the greatest monarchs in Britain. Benson, Arthur Christopher and Viscount Esher eds. The Letters of Queen Victoria: Longman's, Green, and Company, These three volumes are of great interest to anyone who seeks a serious study of Queen Victoria's domestic, political, foreign relations, and personal policies.

The three volumes, which consist of nearly pages, only cover Victoria's Reign from through It seems that the editors chose to research this time period because they wanted to concentrate on Victoria's policies made before the death of her husband in December However, much scholarly excellence has gone into the compilation of these three volumes, which are filled with a surplus of primary source material.

The author of this book gives a brief account of Victoria's ascendance to the throne, and the pressures placed upon her from various relatives who wanted to chose her marriage partner.

Essay: Queen Victoria

Also, this book provides excellent commentary on the Queen's relationship with her daughters. Her influence in their choice of marriage partners is an important part of the book. Also, the author uses primary and secondary sources dealing with Queen Victoria's daughters and their children.

Letters of Queen Victoria: From the Archives of the House of Brandenburg-Prussia. Yale University Press, Queen Victoria's personal letters to family and friends are compiled in this book. The letters included range between the years of through Anyone who seriously seeks knowledge about the Queen's relations with her family could learn a great deal from reading this book.

The author uses actual excerpts from the Queen's letters, and highlights their importance by also providing brief summaries of these letters.Queen Victoria Queen Victoria was born in and died in She was queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland () and empress of India ()/5(1).

A Study On Queen Victoria History Essay. Queen Victoria was born Alexandrina Victoria on My 24th Her parents were Princess Victoria Leiningen of Saxe-Coburg and the Duke of Kent, who was the fourth son of George III.

Queen Victoria Happiness, Woman, People, Think, Poor When I think of a merry, happy, free young girl - and look at the ailing, aching state a young wife generally is doomed to - which you can't deny is the penalty of marriage.

Queen victoria essay

Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria; 24 May – 22 January ) was the Queen regnant of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from The relationship between Queen Victoria and her handsome, young Indian attendant Abdul Karim was deemed so controversial and scandalous by her family members that, upon the monarch’s death in.

Queen Victoria Early Years. One of the most memorable and endearing of English monarchs, Queen Victoria was born on 24th May , at Kensington Palace, London.

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