Personal systems based on the style of living in dubai

Originally from the UK, she came to the emirate with her husband in search of a better quality of life. They certainly found it here, and she enjoys the sunshine and outdoor lifestyle. Where are you originally from?

Personal systems based on the style of living in dubai

The Dubai Code of Conduct decency rules and laws This is a reproduction of the full version of the Dubai Code of Conduct document with rules and laws about how to behave in Personal systems based on the style of living in dubai, published by the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai, publication date March This reproduction should not be assumed to be a valid legal document, refer to the original document on the Dubai Government website www.

The aim of this document: This guide aims at setting the standards for social ethics and mutual respect that shall be followed by all of Dubai's citizens, residents and visitors in respect of the Emirate's culture, religion and habits. Dubai's culture is rooted in Arabic and Islamic tradition Dubai is built on foundations that are rich in history and tradition.

Dubai is a forward-looking society that is equally bound to its culture and heritage. Its religion is Islam, the timeless values of which lie at the heart of Dubai's living heritage, providing strength and inspiration that touch all aspects of everyday life.

Dubai holds the family as the most important institution in society and the cornerstone of societal life. Dubai is a city that is proud and rich in its tradition, with its remarkable combination of the traditional values of the East, in terms of modesty, and the technologies of the West, in terms of development.

Dubai is keen on protecting and promoting its traditions as conveyed by Islam, as well as its Arab identity and culture. This makes Dubai a traditional and socially conservative yet progressive, open and tolerant city. Dubai has always been renowned for its tolerant outlook Dubai has built a reputation for being open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

This has enabled Dubai to become a global centre for innovation, tourism and business. Living and working in an environment of open-mindedness and tolerance has encouraged many to have the confidence to discover their true calling in life, knowing that they will be supported and nurtured in their endeavours.

This has enriched life in Dubai, just as Dubai's spirit of freedom has enriched the lives of so many individuals. From a business point of view, the reason why so many international companies have chosen to invest in Dubai is again Dubai's pragmatic, open attitude. Thousands of companies have flourished in the Emirate's free zones and commercial centres operating to global standards of governance and efficiency.

In line with Islam's tradition of tolerance and openness, freedom of faith and practice is a reality in Dubai. This has allowed other belief systems to flourish in Dubai, a demonstration of Dubai's respect for diversity. Dubai is a city with style and charisma Dubai has successfully fused sophistication with charm.

It has redefined the meaning of luxury with its stunning hotels, award-winning restaurants and its position as an international shopping destination. Dubai provides an open environment where talented professionals can build their careers and entrepreneurs can create exciting opportunities on the back of world-class infrastructure and continuous government-led innovation.

Tourists and residents alike can experience the finest service, state-of-the-art technology and exquisite luxury. Dubai has also brought the meaning of sophistication to life by attracting worldwide media attention and high society, in addition to an ever-expanding list of sophisticated and stylish cultural, social, economic and sports events.

Dubai has an aura of vitality and a get-up-and-go spirit Visitors are struck by the ingrained optimism and spirit of adventure and innovation that permeates through all layers of the community.

To a holidaymaker, a business traveler or a resident, Dubai is a place where there is always something exciting to see and do.

Personal systems based on the style of living in dubai

This energy gives people from around the world the opportunity to make their ambitions a reality. Many artists, entrepreneurs and engineers come to Dubai to seek inspiration and new ways of looking at things. They are also attracted by Dubai's unique entrepreneurial spirit.

Since the days of the pearl diving industry, Dubai has been a place of successful trade. Traders have therefore learnt to be skilful and shrewd, to anticipate global changes and use them to their local advantage. This can-do spirit is an important driving force that filters through the 'open for business' culture.

Dubai aims to bring together the best in people Dubai's success is based on the vision and commitment of its leadership, the generosity and aspirations of its people and the contribution of many people from different parts of the world, many of whom have chosen to make Dubai their permanent home.

This creates a blend of many cultures that coexist peacefully. With over nationalities, Dubai is a rich melting pot that provides opportunities for people to meet, discuss ideas, innovate and forge new business relationships.

Dubai's streets and shopping malls are alive with numerous languages, customs and cultures. Dubai also brings together tradition and modernity, as the past, present and future live harmoniously together, each drawing strength from the other.

As such, Dubai is an international symbol of how different cultures can achieve mutual enrichment through sharing their ideas and experiences. Therefore respect for one another's values and cultures is intrinsic to Dubai's residents who assimilate courteously into the community by adopting a spirit of tolerance.

Dubai's doors are open to everyone Hospitality is central to the soul of Arabian culture and is deep rooted in Arabia's history. In the past, desert travellers yearned for areas inhabited by Arabs, because the Arabs' hospitality meant that the travellers could eat and stay with their hosts for as long as they chose to.

Hospitality in the desert started as a custom, and has now grown into a social grace. Dubai has always looked outwards towards the wider world.

It has welcomed traders and visitors with tolerance and compassion.The cost of living in Dubai is driven up significantly by its expensive rental and real estate market. You’d have thought the housing crisis it suffered in would have lowered rents considerably. Living in Dubai can be made easy by acting on some of the tips posted above and with lowered costs you may not have to cook your own food.

Now that is what I call an incentive! Living in Dubai - Update. Rents in Dubai have gone up . 🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. The cost of living in Dubai Index for the cost of living in Dubai is % higher than in Riyadh.

Personal systems based on the style of living in dubai

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