Mixed up chameleon writing activity

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Mixed up chameleon writing activity

The booklet is teacher-made and contains just the words, but not the skills or directions. The directions or rules are in your reading and language manuals. Directions for the Quiz or Teach and Test: The first 5 words were called out as a spelling test.

The best way is to go word by word until you have done all 5. This is where most of the phonic reinforcement is done. Students check their own work by comparing their answers with the answers the students wrote on the board.

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Also having students write on the board gave the class an opportunity to check handwriting errors like p, g, and y sitting above the line or backward letters. The last 5 were called out as a spelling test and check by the teacher. Sometime this would follow the skill lesson and other times it was used to review skills.

If I wanted to check their phonic, I would use nonsense words that followed the phonic rules such as chert, grute, stad, etc. In fact, I usually started this method by using nonsense words and every once in a while I would throw a nonsense word in the group to check if they were using phonic or just great spellers.

You may need to refer to your phonics program to decide what they consider a vowel digraph and a dipthong.

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I found they vary. I mostly used Saxon and Curriculum Press phonic programs. I wanted my students to listen for the vowel sounds.10 Signs You Know What Matters.

mixed up chameleon writing activity

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The Mixed Up Chameleon Writing Activity Complete this activity after reading The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. There are different writing lines and one page just for a picture for whatever you need. Today’s Deals: New Deals.

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mixed up chameleon writing activity

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