Leadership assessment of billy graham

They claim that more than 20, people worship at one of their six regional campuses each weekend.

Leadership assessment of billy graham

Billy Graham on Feb.

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Graham was a giant of American evangelism, whose worldwide fame as a preacher eclipsed that of any American religious figure of the 20th century. But it was impossible to do an assessment of a life full of achievements without also talking about the fact that he was caught on tape expressing anti-Semitic sentiments while speaking with former President Richard Nixon.

When former Nixon aide H. Haldeman first revealed them infew believed the kindly churchman was capable of speaking in that fashion.

Years later, when the Nixon library released the tapes inthere was no denying what he said. Subscribe to The JNS Daily Syndicate by email and never miss our top stories Graham publicly apologized and asked the Jewish community for forgiveness.

The real damage here was not so much the hurt feelings that the comments caused as much as the way it confirmed the negative opinions that so many in the community already held about Evangelical Christians.

The profound distrust among liberal American Jews bordering on contempt for evangelicals in general and Christian conservatives in particular is so pervasive as to be unremarkable. That it often crosses over into religious prejudice is something few in the American Jewish community—which tends to think of religious bias as something only done to them, rather than what they can possibly do to others—think actually occurs.

Most Jews also rarely consider the vital role these same Christians play in maintaining support for Israel and opposing anti-Semitism. His homespun, God-centered philosophy and strict views about sex was not the sort of things most liberal Jews contemplated with respect. So in that sense, Jewish opinion about Graham, which was often negative even before the public learned of his conversation with Nixon, illustrates both the difficult nature of the relationship between Jews and Evangelicals, as well as the need to rise above negative attitudes that are rooted in the prejudices of the past, rather than on the needs and realities of the present.

Graham was an early and impassioned supporter of Israel. He was also an early and influential supporter of the cause of freedom for Soviet Jewry.

But such reasoning ought to be rejected by thinking people. Born in North Carolina in and the grandson of two Confederate soldiers, Graham was a product of an era in the American South in which anti-Semitism and racial bigotry were commonplace.

But Graham was able to transcend those prejudices to become an opponent of segregation, as well as a very public supporter of Jewish causes. His willingness to embrace Israel is significant because the world in which he made his mark as an international religious celebrity was not one in which Jews were widely accepted.

Nor was his advocacy for Zionism rooted in dispensationalist beliefs about Jews being converted and bringing on the end of days. Unlike some evangelicals—and in spite of the fact that conversions were a prominent part of his ministry—Graham opposed proselytizing Jews, reminding Christians that seeking to impose faith on those who resisted such overtures was wrong.

Seen in that context, a Jewish rejection of Graham and the tens of millions of other evangelicals not only makes no sense, but also is deeply self-destructive. In remembering Billy Graham, Jews can acknowledge his flaws, but they must also understand how much good he did not just for his own flock of believers, but for them as well.

At a time when Israel remains beset by hatred and many are urging boycotts rooted in anti-Semitic animosity, friends like Billy Graham—and all the many other evangelicals who followed in his footsteps in support of Israel—should be embraced, rather than disdained.

To do otherwise says more about our own prejudices against Christians than it does about the shortcomings of evangelicals. Follow him on Twitter at:The younger Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, will be featured speaker at an event called the Good News Festival with Franklin Graham.

Watch Franklin Graham and Mike Pence strike a blow for further establishing of a homophobic white nationalist American theocracy this week by abusing the Billy Graham funeral/lying in state hoopla. And Trump will try to get in on the afterglow too. Leadership newsletter is a comprehensive summary of the day's most important blog posts and news articles from the best Leadership websites on the web, and delivered to your email inbox each morning.

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Leadership assessment of billy graham

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Leadership assessment of billy graham

Billy Graham: A Biography of America's Greatest Evangelist. LEAVE COMMENTS LEAVE COMMENTS. Esther Burton.

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