How to write an alt j song remix software

Early career[ edit ] Inafter dropping out of Berklee, BT moved to Los Angeles, where he tried, unsuccessfully, to get signed as a singer-songwriter.

How to write an alt j song remix software

Cuneiform[ change change source ] The earliest kind of notation was written on tablets using a way of writing called cuneiform.

Music from Nippur from about B. A tablet from B. They are the earliest records we have of written music. Ancient Greece[ change change source ] Photograph of the original stone at Delphi containing the second of the two hymns to Apollo.

The music notation is the line of occasional symbols above the main, uninterrupted line of Greek lettering. Musical notation from Ancient Greece showed the notes in more detail than the earlier cuneiform.

It shows the pitch how high or low the note is and how long it lasts. It sometimes give an idea of the harmony.

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It was used from at least the 6th century BC until about the 4th century AD. Early European musical notation[ change change source ] Early European Musical Notation When music started to be written down in Europe it was music for the Roman Catholic church.

The monks who wrote it down used a system of dots and strokes called neumes. They gave an idea of how high or low the notes were, but did not show the length of the notes. They may have been used by people who knew the music already and just needed a reminder of when to go up and down.

People gradually realized that it was necessary to find a system which showed the exact pitch of the note. The first stave was just one single horizontal line. Gradually this increased to four lines.

By the 16th century everybody was using the 5 line stave. A system of bars measures was used everywhere by the end of the 17th century. At first the bar lines where there to show which notes should be played or sung together.

Gradually the system we know today was developed in which each bar lasted the same length of time, and has a particular number of beats counts for each bar. By the end of the 17th century this was used by most musicians in European classical music.

The modern system of musical notation[ change change source ] Hand-written musical notation by J.

how to write an alt j song remix software

The pitch highness or lowness of a note is shown by where the note is put on the staff. There may also be sharps or flats in front of some of the notes. The music is read from left to right. A staff of written music usually has a clef in front.

This shows exactly which notes are to be played. Notes which are very high or low can be put on extra lines called ledger lines above or below the stave.

After the clef there is usually a key signature which shows the key of the piece: After the key signature is the time signature. Bars measures divide the piece into regular groupings of beatsand the time signatures show these groupings.

Above the music there is usually a word, or words, to show the tempo speed At various places in the music there will be dynamic marks to show how loud or soft to play.

For vocal music, words are written underneath the notes. When music is played by a large group of instruments such as an orchestra the music is written in a " score ". This shows the music played by all the instruments, so there are many staves written underneath one another. Some other systems[ change change source ] Instruments such as guitars often play from a chord chart or just the names of the chords C7, Em etc.

A system called tonic sol-fa was used by amateur musicians a century ago. This showed the names of the notes of a scale doh, ray, me etc.

Lute music in the Renaissance and Baroque periods used to be written in a system called tabulature. Some 20th century composers have also used tabulature. Some modern composers such as John Cage have written music by making drawings called graphic notation.Teach the phrase “Do you like ?” and then use 2,3 or 4 examples from the song as practice.

Then once the kids have got the hang of it, play the song from the Teacher’s Set and get the kids to answer honestly with either “Yes, I do!” or “No, I don’t!” for all the rest of the vocab.

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