Female representation in the canadian government essay

In fact, some of the countries outpacing Canada in terms of parliamentary gender equality include Rwanda, Bolivia, Iraq and Kazakhstan. Newer democracies like Bolivia can experience a gender shock as it did in an October election, rising from 22 per cent to 53 per cent women in the lower house.

Female representation in the canadian government essay

Calculated from Elections Canada data http: The NDP had the highest number of female candidates, 88 or The Natural Law Party fielded the highest percentage of women candidates - The Bloc Quebecois had the highest success rate among female candidates - The Tories and Alliance had the lowest percentage of women among all the parties, with Synopsis - Registered Political Parties and Candidates" You can download or view an Excel file with the breakdown of winning candidates by sex and party.

Trends in Gender Support for Parties Over the years, a number of phases have emerged during which there were clear differences in the levels of support that parties enjoyed among men and women. During the s, for example, men were much more likely to support the NDP than women, because of the NDP association at the time with the trade union movement and labour issues.

That trend reversed in more recent decades, as the party came to focus principally on general social welfare topics. The emergence of the Reform Party and the later merger of its successor with the Progressive Conservative Party, has seen the rise of a new gender split in politics.

Although there certainly have been periods where the lines have blurred, the general tendency is for the Conservative Party to attract a greater share of male support than female.

A Harris Decima poll released in September reveals a year-long trend for the Conservative Party to have a strong lead in support among men. Curiously, the Liberals and Conservatives were often closely tied for support among women, and frequently traded the lead, during that period.

Early polls showed a trend seen in a number of previous polls where the Conservative Party ia much more likely to be supported by men than women. An Ekos poll conducted September showed an even larger gap; 46 per cent of men said they would vote Conservative, while only 28 per cent of women would do so.

However, another Ekos poll held between September found only a 5 point difference and no significant differences in support for other parties. An interesting distinction among women of different ages was revealed in a Strategic Counsel poll of Ontarians Oct However, support was much more evenly distributed across age groups among men than it was for women.

Female representation in the canadian government essay

Male support for the Conservative Party did not show such a strong age bias: By the end of the campaign period, however, the gender differences became much more muted as some shifts occurred.

The differences in support for the Liberals had largely disappeared, but a new one emerged for the NDP. The Ekos poll, however, also revealed that differences in age and, to a lesser extent, income correspond with quite significant differences in party support.

The drop in support for the Liberals between the interview periods for the two surveys appears to largely be the result of male defections to the Alliance. You can examine the raw frequencies yourself to see the differences between the first poll conducted Oct and the second done Oct Nov.

A CBC News report from November 16 revealed that the gender gap in Alliance support continued right through the campaign period.

Women in Politics Updated May 15, A landslide for the Liberals, a glacial creep forward for women in Parliament. Canadian voters elected 88 female MPs last night, putting female representation in the House at 26 per cent — a 1-per-cent increase over

Gender differences can also be seen in attitudes towards the various party leaders and in questions about which issues are the most important in this campaign.

The Oct Ipsos Reid survey revealed women are much more likely than men to place an emphasis on social welfare programs, while men are more likely than woman to focus on economic issues and tax cuts.

Inglehart and Norris have argued that a process of gender realignment is pushing men to the right and women to the left. This paper uses data from the Canadian election study to assess their argument that the "modern gender gap" is rooted in cultural differences between women and men rather than in structural and situational differences.

Old democracies don't favour ‘gender shocks’

While there is some evidence that public sector employment and higher education help to explain why women are more likely than men to vote for the NDP, their impact is offset by religiosity. Women tend to be more religious than men and this helps to explain why many women remain attracted to the Conservatives.

The most important factors in explaining why men are more likely than women to vote for the right-wing party and women are more likely than men to vote for the left-wing party are clearly cultural. Women are more skeptical than men of market-based arguments, less ready to embrace closer ties with the US, and more liberal when it comes to social mores and alternative lifestyles.

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The paper ends with a discussion of the implications of gendered patterns of voting for electoral politics in Canada.Canadian Women Essay ( words) Published: October 26, • BETWEEN THE UNES: THE REPRESENTATION OF CANADIAN WOMEN IN ENGUSH-LANGUAGE NOVELS WRIITEN BV WOMEN IN THE S There is another common misconception among the upper and middle class that single mothers relying on .

Canadian women held just one-quarter of the seats in the House of Commons when the writ dropped back in August.

Female representation in the canadian government essay

This figure places us 50th in a recent international ranking of women in parliaments. "Men Rule: The Continued Under-Representation of Women in U.S. Politics" is the name of a just-completed American University study .

A Review of Programs to Increase Levels of Women in Local Government. Masters in Public Administration. Research Report. increasing women’s participation in government.

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Female representation at the municipal C. “Women and Political Representation” Canadian Politics () 8.

Free Essay: Women and Political Representation in Canada: Equality, Fairness, and Capabilities I. Introduction Social equality is the concept in which all. female representation; Both the Liberals and NDP would look to electoral reforms including versions of proportional representation if they form government. Former Canadian prime minister. A collection of material on women in Canadian politics and other gender issues in Canadian elections Thérèse Arseneault has examined the question of whether the parliamentary representation of withdrew after the deadline for being dropped from the ballot; both ceased campaigning. The Liberals also dropped one female candidate .

The debate about the underrepresentation of women in politics rests on two conceptions of political representation, namely the descriptive and the substantive. The descriptive perspective is that political institutions should reflect the composition of civil society, while the substantive (or feminist) conception argues that, since women offer unique .

Essay The Canadian Government And The Electoral System As a parliamentary government, majority of Canadian and non-Canadian citizens lack the knowledge to fully comprehend the logistics of the Canadian government and the electoral system.

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