Comau manual

Core competencies[ edit ] Products and technologies[ edit ] Comau designs and develops advanced technology solutions that enable digital manufacturing. Its products combine technological know-how with innovative engineering to offer increased performance, precision and long-term reliability.

Comau manual

Core Competencies[ edit ] Products and Technologies[ edit ] Comau designs and develops advanced technology solutions that enable digital manufacturing.

Its products combine technological know-how with innovative engineering to offer increased performance, precision and long-term reliability. Its assembly and powertrain technologies range from 3D laser systems and robotized cutting processes to advanced joining solutions, roller hemming, palletizing and transfer systems [3]and from the machining of parts and manual, semi-automated or automated assembly to the testing of components.

Its body assembly solutions range from flexible high-speed vehicle manufacturing, including multi-material, to the use of simulation techniques that shorten overall program timeframes.

Its pallet conveyor, in-line fast transfer, and closed loop assembly systems are designed to combine high precision with performance and configurability. Its service offerings range from industrial process maintenance and support areas, including building and utility maintenance, through to developing projects for improving production line equipment and increasing the productivity and efficiency of assets.


This includes performing the process engineering and using 3D development and simulation tools to test the concepts and plan the factory. From Project and Risk Management to hands-on Masters programs, the complete offer focuses on developing the technical and managerial skills needed to design and manage the advanced industrial automation solutions of the future.

Led by the concepts of co-creation and open-innovation, the company has collaborated for over 40 years with universities, organizations and institutions to generate disruptive innovations to products and solutions.

Inthe Comau Project, Program and Leadership Academy was founded to provide internal company support for highly technological processes and maximize project profitability.

Localized training is offered worldwide for individuals and organizations; it is based on PMI tools and guidelines and is meant to strengthen program and project management skills. InMST S. The following year, Comau S.

It was later renamed Comau Finanziaria S. The following year, it acquired Berto Lamet, a sheet metal die producer, and U. Comau do Brasil Ind e Com.

Ltda and Comau Argentina S. Additionally, a representative office in Beijing, China, was set up. InComau France S.

Comau manual

The company officially changed its name, it became Comau S. Inthe company gained a majority interest in Geico S. In the same year, Comau Service was launched to provide full maintenance services to customers worldwide.

InComau took over the French company Sciaky S. Also that year, Comau S. In the same year, Fiat S. PICOa U. InComau Automotive Equipment Colt. The next year, Comau S. Comau Australia opened in Adelaide in Soon after, Comau established a new office in Munich, Germany and expanded into Mexico.

The company also opened a new location in California, United States in Comau expanded its activities in the United Kingdom inby opening a new engineering facility in North East England. It is supported by a body made up of members, who are attributed independent responsibilities and powers.

Products include framing systems, accumulated pallet conveyors APCbreak-away end effectors, vision systems, welding guns and line feeding systems.

Comau manual

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