Are bilinguals smarter than monolinguals essay writer

In addition to facilitating cross-cultural communication, this trend also positively affects cognitive abilities. Researchers have shown that the bilingual brain can have better attention and task-switching capacities than the monolingual brain, thanks to its developed ability to inhibit one language while using another. In addition, bilingualism has positive effects at both ends of the age spectrum:

Are bilinguals smarter than monolinguals essay writer

Currently, there are more than 7, languages spoken in the world. More than half of the languages, however, will vanish by the end of this century.

Endangered languages can help us to know all about people, their culture, customs, stories, poems, literature, and traditions. If the languages will keep on dying one by one, we will soon become monolingual creatures.

If this happens then our history, past, many civilizations and ethnicities will be in danger. Therefore, we should make efforts to learn these languages spoken by our minorities to prevent them from fading completely.

PapersHelm reviews some notable benefits that you can get by learning endangered languages. Easy to Learn These endangered languages seem difficult to learn but according to various researches, they are plain sailing.

Why Bilinguals Are Smarter

There are some languages that briefly describe a phrase which has a long adaption in another language. Then there are words that sound similar in different languages but have peculiar meanings. So if you start your learning with such terminologies, with the passage of time you will start speaking them effortlessly.

Fluency in Mother Tongue It is hard to believe but learning peculiar languages can help you in speaking your mother tongue fluently. This happens because after learning one or more languages your brain begins to scrutinize the sentence structure of other languages rapidly.

PapersHelm reviews that this function spontaneously helps you in fluently speaking the language you already learned.

We all want to learn languages that are acceptable on an international level. Our generation runs after it so that they can give a rapid growth to their career. Sustenance of Heritage For a moment, imagine that the whole world knows only one language.

What will you do if you find a beautiful old painting or a book written in a language you have no idea about?

are bilinguals smarter than monolinguals essay writer

Yet you want to understand it because it looks interesting and you are curious. Whom will you ask for help?

St Hildas College: Why Bilinguals Are Smarter

Who will translate the book or interpret the painting for you? PapersHelm reviews that this is expected to happen with our descendants. They will not know what custom, tradition, culture they follow and why. Therefore, learning threatened languages certifies that our heritage is preserved.

Protection Against Dementia Dementia is a mental disorder that causes disability to think and remember things. Dementia can become severe with a decline in thinking, problem-solving and speaking.

Research has proved that bilingual people have brains comparatively smarter than monolinguals. The learning makes the brain muscles more active and strong. PapersHelm reviews that monolinguals may have a high probability of suffering from this disorder as compared to bilinguals. Augmentation of Intelligence Multilingualism helps in refining multi-tasking capabilities.

Research shows that multi-linguals are brilliant in Mathematics, reading, and vocabulary, have fewer chances of mental decline and can hardly get distracted. Neural pathways are found in excess in the brain of bilinguals and multi-lingual.

This feature helps information to access through multiple networks. These people are also more creative and their brains function more properly. The best thing is that learning endangered languages will help you know some exciting facts about different communities.

Moreover, you can act as an intermediary between monolinguals and multi-linguals. By now, you probably agree with our agendas of motivating you to learn languages, on the brink of extinction. Look forward to more interesting topics by PapersHelm.Bhowmik 1 Ruma Bhowmik Instructor: Christine Scanlon FIQWS-Composition: History & Language 5 November Being Bilingual Makes You Intelligent Thesis statement: In my perspective, regardless of scientific studies, I believe that bilinguals are more intelligent than monolinguals.

I. Bilinguals are thought to be smarter than Monolinguals (Rubio-Fernández & Glucksberg, ). Smartness is a measure of successfulness in their education (Hatt, , p.

). Because of this, there is a debate to decide whether the next generation of children should be exposed to a Bilingual education. Bilingualism and Social Identity Research Assignment (Essay Sample) It is argued that such like people are smarter and have better cognitive abilities as compared to monolinguals.

The health benefit have been attributed to shielding dementia in old age and thus making the individual enjoys a better old life. This makes bilinguals. and some of them did it way more smoothly and correctly than bilinguals. But, there is a large gap even in monolinguals group; some did really well on this test, some did badly.

And still, the majority of bilinguals did better than monolinguals so I can say that bilinguals did better on the cognitive skills test than monolinguals did. Bilinguals Compared to Monolinguals Essay Words 9 Pages Overview of subject: Before knowing whether or not bilingualism is a blessing or a curse, it is important to first investigate the similarities and differences between monolingual and bilingual children.

SPEAKING two languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world.

But in recent years, scientists have begun to show that the advantages of bilingualism are even more fundamental than being able to converse with a wider range of people.

Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can [ ].

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