Addadhd pandemic essay

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Addadhd pandemic essay

Recently, a new strain, H5N1 avian influenza, has shown all the earmarks of becoming that disease. Until now, it has largely been confined to certain bird species, but that may be changing. The havoc such a disease could wreak is commonly compared to the devastation of the Spanish flu, which killed 50 million people in 18 months.

But avian flu is far more dangerous. It kills percent of the domesticated chickens it infects, and among humans the disease is also lethal: Since it first appeared in southern China inthe virus has mutated, becoming heartier and deadlier and killing a wider range of species…. In short, doom may loom.

Or nothing at all could happen. Scientists cannot predict with certainty what this H5N1 influenza will do. Such absolute uncertainty, coupled with the profound potential danger, is disturbing for those whose job it is to ensure the health of their community, their nation, and broader humanity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCin a normal flu season aboutAmericans are hospitalized, 38, of whom die from the disease, with an overall mortality rate of.

Most of those deaths occur among people older than 65; on average, 98 of everyseniors with the flu die. Influenza costs the U. Yet this level of damage hardly approaches the catastrophe that the United States would face in a severe flu pandemic.

An H5N1 avian influenza that is transmittable from human to human could be even more devastating: This extreme outcome is a worst-case scenario; it assumes failure to produce an effective vaccine rapidly enough to make a difference and a virus that remains impervious to some antiflu drugs. But thereckoning is clearly a conservative guess.

The entire world would experience similar levels of viral carnage, and those areas ravaged by HIV and home to millions of immunocompromised individuals might witness even greater death tolls.

In response, some countries might impose useless but highly disruptive quarantines or close borders and airports, perhaps for months.

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Such closures would disrupt trade, travel, and productivity. Aside from economics, the disease would likely directly affect global security, reducing troop strength and capacity for all armed forces, UN peacekeeping operations, and police worldwide….

Yet Tamiflu was given to many of those who ultimately succumbed to the virus; it is believed that medical complications induced by the virus, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, may have prevented the drug from helping.

It is also difficult to tell whether the drug contributed to the survival of those who took it and lived, although higher doses and more prolonged treatment may have a greater impact in fighting the disease.

Addadhd pandemic essay

Department of Health and Human Services is doing so, but supplies of the drug are limited and it is hard to manufacture. What about developing [an avian influenza] vaccine?

Unfortunately, there is only more gloom in the forecast. The total number of companies willing to produce influenza vaccines has plummeted in recent years, from more than two dozen in to just a handful in There are many reasons for the decline in vaccine producers.

A spate of corporate mergers in the s, for example, reduced the number of major international pharmaceutical companies. The financial risk of investing in vaccines is also a key factor. Unlike chemical compounds, vaccines and most other biological products are difficult to make and can easily become contaminated….

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Pandemic Influenza Academic Essay Pandemic Influenza Below is a series of questions to each about each of the three (3) scenarios, and well as a final set related to ethical issues during pandemics. Ive been researching this for a few years now and can say with confidence that the industry there is near downright evil.

Between low regulations. The Community of Faith and AIDS. The community of faith plays an important role in dealing with of all, though many churches might find this repugnant, education about at-risk behaviors including open and frank sex education is a moral imperative.

The lives of our youth are at stake. Pandemics essays Throughout history, pandemics/epidemics have had dire effects on societies and sent shockwaves through the world. They have undermined economies and eroded the very foundations and values these societies were based on.

Two of these pandemics, perhaps the worst, are the Bubon. The Influenza Pandemic and The War, essay by Frederick Holmes, MD.

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