A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life

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A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life

Growing horses have a considerably greater need for protein than mature horses. Also, the protein requirements of growing babies of the heavier breeds are higher at the same body weight than those of the lighter breeds.

Fetal growth during the last fourth of pregnancy increases protein requirements some what, while lactation increases requirements still further. Work apparently does not increase the protein requirement, provided that the ratio of crude protein to digestible energy in the diet remains constant and the increased energy requirements are met.

However, if the energy requirement is not met, body fat and then muscle is metabolized which results in a net nitrogen loss. Minerals Because the skeleton is of such fundamental importance to performance of the horse mineral requirements deserve careful attention.

Excessive intakes of certain minerals may be as harmful as deficiencies: The need during growth is much greater than for maintenance of the mature animal. Salt requirement is markedly influenced by perspiration loss.

The daily magnesium requirement for maintenance has been estimated at 6. For the growing foal, Magnesium at0. The dietary maintenance requirement for iron is estimated to be 40ppm. During the first few weeks after parturition, the mare provides adequate energy for the foal.

A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life

During this time, onecan observe the foal nursing, playing, and sleeping on some schedule, perhaps 45 to 60 minutes per cycle. Similar relationships exist for the other nutrients as well. When to Creep Feed Although most foals will start to explore edible materials, and some that are not edible, in its environment within a few days after birth, significant feed intake does not occur for most foals until they are in their second month.

At this time, a feeding system that allows the foal to consume its feed and prevents the mare from eating the creep feed is desirable. This is typically a creep feed is desirable. The is typically a creep feeder located in the pasture.

Undermost circumstances, the foal should be fed the same concentrate that will be used as a weanling feed. This will avoid a ration change at weaning. Provide high quality roughage hay or pasture free choice. Supplement with grain or concentrates beginning at about 4 Weeks of age. Weigh and adjust the feed ration based on growth and Fitness.

Foals have small stomachs so divide the daily ration into 2 to 3 feedings. Make sure feeds contain the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, energy and protein 7. Use a creep feeder or feed the foal separate from the mare so it can eat its own ration 8.

A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life

Remove uneaten portions between feedings 9. Overweight foals are more prone to developmental orthopedic disease DOD Provide unlimited fresh, clean water The End Results Creep feeding is good management. Group A would be taken forms their mothers between 3 and 4 months.

The foals would be put into the barn and fed on a program giving them everything they need as far a feed source. These foals also are put on a conditioning program of free and force work. These foals would receive all health care needed, which includes shots and worming program. These foals will be treated as if they are being prepared for the show ring.

Group B would be left on their mothers until 5 to 6 months. These Foals would be started on a creep feed program as soon as they are noticed to start to nibble on other food sources. They would only have free exercise in the field with their mothers.

They would receive all the vet work including shots and worming program. Group C would also be left on their mothers until 5 to 6 months. These foals would not get any extra feed as in being creep feed.Education is the process through which people endeavor to pass along to their children their hard-won wisdom and their aspirations for a better world.

This process begins shortly after birth, as parents seek to train the infant to behave as their culture demands. For the first time ever in six years I have a creep pen up. I put it up to help my orphan filly who was losing condition.

She has been on milk replacer up until about 2 weeks ago. Research into the behavioral and training needs of this special group of companion animals will increase their quality of life and enhance their performance as assistants, protectors, and life-savers.

Introduction: The following is a report on my research information on foal’s nutritional need through there first year of life. This report will also show a research project that I would like to do for my Masters degree. During the first two to three months of the foal’s life, the primary nutrition source is mare’s milk.

Mares produce an incredible amount of milk, 3 – 4% of their body weight each day. Therefore, it is important for foal development that the mare be fed adequate supplemental feeding to support the tremendous demands of lactation.

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Foals: The First Year Essay