A profile overview of the computer devices giant intel corporation

In Microsoft came out with its Windows operating system, which gave PC compatibles some of the same capabilities as the Macintosh.

A profile overview of the computer devices giant intel corporation

For over 35 years, Intel Corporation has developed technology enablin g the computer and Internet revolution that has changed the world. Fo unded in to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduce d the world's first microprocessor in Today, Intel supplies the computing and communications industries with chips, boards, systems, and software building blocks that are the "ingredients" of computersservers and networking and communications products.

These products are used by industry members to create advanced computing and communi cations systems. Intel's mission is to do a great job for our custome rs, employees, and stockholders by being the preeminent building bloc k supplier to the worldwide digital economy.

History of Intel Corporation Intel Corporation is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the wo rld, with 11 fabrication facilities and six assembly and test facilit ies around the world. Intel has changed the global marketplace dramat ically since it was founded in ; the company invented the micropr ocessor, the "computer on a chip" that made possible the first handhe ld calculators and personal computers PCs.

By the early 21st centur y, Intel's microprocessors were found in approximately 80 percent of PCs worldwide. The company's product line also includes chipsets and motherboards; flash memory used in wireless communications and other applications; networking devices and equipment for accessing the Inte rnet, local area networks, and home networks; and embedded control mi crochips used in networking products, laser printers, factory automat ion instruments, cellular phone base stations, and other applications.

Intel has remained competitive through a combination of clever mark eting, well-supported research and development, superior manufacturin g proficiency, a vital corporate culture, prowess in legal matters, a nd an ongoing alliance with software giant Microsoft Corporation ofte n referred to as "Wintel.

While at Fairchild, Noyce and Moore invented the integrated circuit ; inthey decided to form their own company. They were soon joi ned by Andrew Grove, a Hungarian refugee who had arrived in the Unite d States in and joined Fairchild in Grove would remain pre sident and CEO of Intel into the s.

To obtain start-up capital, Noyce and Moore approached Arthur Rock, a venture capitalist, with a one-page business plan simply stating the ir intention of developing large-scale integrated circuits.

The company was incorporated on July 18,as N M Electronics the letters standing for Noyce Moorebut quickly changed its name to Intel, formed from the first syllables of "integrated electronics.

Noyce and Moore's scanty business proposal belied a clear plan to pro duce large-scale integrated LSI semiconductor memories. At that tim e, semiconductor memories were ten times more expensive than standard magnetic core memories. Costs were falling, however, and Intel's fou nders surmised that with the greater speed and efficiency of LSI tech nology, semiconductors would soon replace magnetic cores.

Within a fe w months of its startup, Intel produced the Schottky bipolar mem ory, a high-speed random access memory RAM chip. The proved po pular enough to sustain the company until thea metal oxide sem iconductor MOS chip, was perfected and introduced in The foll owing year, Intel introduced thea 1-kilobyte K dynamic RAM, or DRAM, which was the first chip large enough to store a significant amount of information.

Intel Corporation -- Company History

With theIntel finally had a chip that really did begin to replace magnetic cores; DRAMs eventually proved i ndispensable to the personal computer. The company's most dramatic impact on the computer industry involved its introduction of thethe world's first microprocessor.

Like many of Intel's innovations, the microprocessor was a byproduct of efforts to develop another technology. When a Japanese calculator manufacturer, Busicom, asked Intel to design cost-effective chips for a series of calculators, Intel engineer Ted Hoff was assigned to the project; during his search for such a design, Hoff conceived a plan for a central processing unit CPU on one chip.

Thewhich cram med 2, transistors onto a one-eighth- by one-sixth-inch chip, had the power of the old 3,cubic-foot ENIAC computer, which depended on 38, vacuum tubes.

Although Intel initially focused on the microprocessor as a computer enhancement that would allow users to add more memory to their units, the microprocessor's great potential--for everything from calculator s to cash registers and traffic lights--soon became clear.

The applic ations were facilitated by Intel's introduction of thean 8-bit microprocessor developed along with the but oriented toward dat a and character rather than arithmetic manipulation.

Theintr oduced inwas the first truly general purpose microprocessor. The response was overwhe lming. The soon became the industry standard and Intel the indus try leader in the 8-bit market.

In response to ensuing competition in the manufacture of 8-bit microp rocessors, Intel introduced thea faster chip with more functio ns.In the PC client operating and revenue segment, Intel Corporation's most significant rivals are personal computer processor manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices; American multinational technology company IBM; and graphic processor and system-on-a-chip unit manufacturer, Nvidia.

Update your hardware to PCs powered by the latest 8th gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. Learn more about Windows* 10 migration on new PCs A new class of memory and storage innovation architected for the data era. The Intel® CV SDK is a collection of useful tools that combine video processing, computer vision, machine learning, and pipeline optimization into a single package.

A profile overview of the computer devices giant intel corporation

The SDK is specifically aimed at leveraging the power of heterogeneous systems or systems that combine multiple types of processors.

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